Valentine’s Day is a romantic holiday for which your regular gift list wouldn’t apply. Forget about shirts, socks or wallets, and surprise your sweetheart with something sexier this year.

valentines day gift

1. (Matching) Underwear

Besides being useful, underwear can be sultry, naughty or even funny. Consider something you won’t find at your regular department store.

2. Sleepwear

sexy pjMens Sexy Pajama Bottoms
Cozy pj’s is a great gift for any occasion. But let’s not worry about staying warm this time – that’s what blankets are for. Think about transparent for him or lacy for her. And if you are willing to pay extra, go for silk!

3. Jewelry

swarovski fire braceletswarovski lovely bracelet
Nothing says “Love” like a piece of jewelry. And what a romantic memory it creates when putting it on your sweetheart’s wrist (or neck)! The options are infinite: from bracelets to cufflinks to watches to (OMG!) engagement rings.

4. Chocolate

fancy chocolate
Chocolate is aphrodisiac, which makes it a perfect Valentine’s day gift. Especially you find something exclusive or even custom-made. Consider an assorted gourmet chocolate set that is sure to come to every taste.

5. Booze

best liqueurs
A sip of alcohol will definitely set the mood for the date night. And the great thing about spirits is that you can find something special in any price range. Keep it classy with red wine, go wild with tequila, or try something sweet or minty for a change.

6. Perfume / Cologne

Designer Fragrances
Smells are processed subconsciously, and can easily affect our mood or behavior. No wonder that perfumes and colognes are considered sexy or seductive. In particular, scents with jasmine, lavender or ylang ylang are known aphrodisiacs.

7. Bed Linens

satin sheets
Even though bedclothes are a necessity, you can turn them into luxury by choosing the right fabric and color. How does dark satin sound? Romantic, to say the least.

8. Body lotion

body lotionmale body lotion
On the subject of scents, body lotion is a cheaper option, but possibly more sensual, since it adds a sense of touch to the sense of smell. And you can offer to try it out right away!

9. Massage oil

massage oil
Taking it one step further, massage oils don’t need an introduction. You may consider sexy/aphrodisiac scents or keep it unscented and leave room for perfume, candles or aromatherapy.

10. Spa certificate

spa certificate
And speaking of massage… who does it better than a professional? You can’t go wrong with a spa certificate, and you might even get included in a couple’s session.

And remember the card!


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