The first step to scoring that dream job of yours is dressing right for the interview. While the outfit may vary depending on the type of the job and company you apply for, it is a must to appear neat and presentable. Here are a few tips on how to impress a potential employer.


  • Wear what makes you feel good

Interviews may get quite stressful, and you can definitely use an extra layer of confidence that always comes with a perfect outfit. Have a lucky blouse or dress you get most complimented for? Go for it!

  • Do your homework

It is always a good idea to research about the company your are interviewing with, including the dress code. There is a significant difference between professional, business casual and casual attire – little online research will help you to fit in.

  • Color is important

Avoid bright and flashy pieces – they may distract or even irritate the interviewer. Green and blue colors are known for their calming effects, and you can never go wrong with neutrals.

  • Wear some jewelry

While a job interview is not the best time for accessorizing, fine jewelry will make you look more valuable on a subconscious level. The best choice for men is definitely a watch, and for women there are various options. Just remember to keep it tasteful.

  • It is OK to overdress

Job interviews are classified as special occasions, that is why your look should be at least one level above the company’s average employee. Furthermore, the higher the position you are applying for, the more upgraded your outfit can be.

“Dress how you wish to be addressed”

  • Check the condition of your outfit

This may seem as a no-brainer – just make sure your outfit is in good condition, washed and ironed. It would be better to prepare it in advance to avoid a possible malfunction in the morning.

  • Consider closed shoes

Even if your interview takes place during the summer time, closed shoes are mandatory for men and most suitable for women with small exceptions such as classy peep-toes or slingbacks.

  • Trend(less)

Unless your desired job is in the fashion industry, you should go easy on the latest trends – most people don’t follow them and probably won’t appreciate. Play it safe with timeless  essentials.

  • Elevated casual

In case the company has a very laid-back dress code policy or non at all, don’t try to fit in by showing up in shorts and flop-flops. Instead, consider the so-called “elevated casual” style, for example jeans with a decent shirt or sweater, or dress pants/skirt with a simple comfortable top.

women business attire

When it comes to job interviews, it is more about what not to wear. Stick with traditional clothing like suits, trousers, dress pants, skirts, shirts, blouses or dresses; and aim for higher quality garments rather than synthetics. If you have a doubt whether something is suitable for the interview, pass. Best of luck with your new job!


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