Both can be helpful for your shopping experience, but is it enough to just take a quick look at the overall rating? Not always.


Good ratings most likely mean that the item looks and fits as described, and they usually come with good reviews. On the other hand, if the rating is low (less than 4 stars), the product is not necessarily bad, and it is worth taking a look at the reviews. Here are some bad reasons for bad ratings:

  • Sizing is off

Untrue to size is not an issue if you are aware of it. I went 1.5 sizes up with my new favorite shoes thanks to bad reviews, and they fit perfectly!

  • Buyer’s false expectations

Someone thinks those sky-high heels are uncomfortable for a long walk? Or maybe that corset is too tight? Well… obviously.

  • Color difference

“Not the shade of yellow I expected, had to return. ” – something like this can be caused by the customer’s display settings or screen type. You can trust it only if many reviews say the same, and only if you are extremely picky about the color.

In many cases bad ratings are caused by personal preferences and even mistakes of buyers. Once you identify and eliminate those, you will be able to make a wise decision. And to conclude, I present my top 5 of useless reviews.

#5. Why 3 stars?


#4. Self-explanatory


#3. More self-explanatory


#2. Off-topic


#1. Wedges for garbage collection



This one has nothing to do with fashion, but it’s just too funny, I had to include it.


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