It is time to put some of my tips to practice and score some deals! Let me show you my latest shoe hunt.


I love shoes (who doesn’t?), and my ultimate favorite style is wedges – always the most comfortable ones in my closet as I don’t own any flats. I’ve decided it was time for some new ones, and the hunt began: Bluefly, Overstock, Nordstrom, Aldo, Steve Madden, Schutz, Amazon, Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s… Long story short, the search resulted in the following options:

1. Mel by Steve Madden – beautiful, but not real leather; will consider if the price goes down.

mel by steve madden
  • Regular price: $89.95
  • Sale price: $49.99 + shipping
  • Coupon: 20%
  • Final price: $51.31

2. Belma by Steve Madden – not exactly cork, but close enough.

  • Regular price: $99.95
  • Amazon price: $59.97
  • Coupon : No
  • Final price: $59.97

3. Heibo by Ivanka Trump – definitely comfortable and posh-looking , but will be hard to match.

Heibo by Ivanka Trump
  • Regular price: $120
  • Sale price: $60
  • Coupon: 10%
  • Final price: $54

4. Madyson by Aldo – decent quality and best price so far.

  • Regular price: $80
  • Sale price: $41.99 + shipping
  • Coupon: 15%
  • Final price: $43.54

5. Waylin by Pelle Moda – pretty but pricey, hopefully it will change soon.

  • Regular price: $175
  • Amazon price: $79.99
  • Coupon: No
  • Final price: $79.99

6. Lilla by Charles David – quite simple, but tasteful; not my first choice.

Lilla by Charles David
  • Regular price: $99
  • Sale price: $59.99 + shipping
  • Coupon: 20%
  • Final price: $57.95

7. Louna by Schutz – these would be my first choice, but not in this price; let’s wait.

  • Regular price: $200
  • Amazon price: $74.99
  • Coupon: No
  • Final price: $74.99

At this point the winner was pretty obvious, but still no rush – none of them were about to sell out. But after two weeks of stalking something unexpected happened: the cheapest option got even cheaper! Weekend sale at Aldo, and my shoes are down to $32 – time to close the deal. On top of that I received 15% off for signing up for emails, and even after tax and shipping it was under $35 – must be the best deal I’ve scored so far. Here is the order confirmation just in case.

invoiceIf you have seen a better deal on a similar pair shoes, please let me know in the comments – I’d love to hear about it.

In fact, I can afford another pair from this list. But the offer has to be really good, cause my bar just raised very high! Or should I say very low.



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