Shopping is fun and addictive, online shopping – even more so. While it seems like nowadays anything can be found from the comfort of your bedroom, there are still a few things worth meeting in person.


Waiting for your online order to arrive is super exciting, but the main part of that excitement comes from curiosity how/if the piece fits. Have you considered that curiosity might be the only reason you made the purchase on the first place? I have made the mistake of paying for something merely to find out how it is going to look on me more than once, which made me realize that online shopping is quite similar to gambling. But unlike gambling, we can actually increase our odds by avoiding unnecessary risk with certain items.

  • Anything slinky

You might get away with a stretch or lycra outfit, but finer fabrics with less elasticity to them require careful fitting and testing. A midi dress similar to the one on the left will fit one particular body type, which means that your chances are pretty slim. On the other hand, a shirt dress, a wrap, self-tie dress or pretty much anything loose is very easy to pull off. Another example is dress pants: wide leg is a relatively safe option, but other styles are better off without a surprise factor.

  • Anything of unique color

This mostly applies to makeup, and in rare cases to clothing if you have your mind set on a very particular shade. There are many reasons why you see a different color, including your screen settings, graphics card and the type of the monitor; so unless you have a special app for color accuracy like ColorTRUE, don’t trust the shade on the screen.

  • Anything without product description


Stay away from products lacking description. “Comfortable fabric” or “high quality material” is not the description, you want to know exactly what it is made of. You may be able to find out from reviews or by contacting the seller, if not – disregard.

  • Anything ugly

Just kidding! I know you know better 🙂

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