Picture-perfect is the name of retailers’ game. There is nothing they wouldn’t do to maximize the product’s marketable appearance. Here are a few ways to be prepared.


  • Look for reviews

Especially the ones with pictures or videos from real customers. I truly appreciate all the work these people do to help us fellow shoppers.

How many times have you read “not as shown in the picture”, or “doesn’t look as expected”, or my favorite “cheaply made”? Not to mention everything you don’t see, e.g. pinned on the back for fitted look, itchy material, bad stitching. Taking a few minutes to read others’ feedback will save you time and money.

  • Look for an official video

Many companies including Zappos and Aldo post video reviews either on their website or on YouTube . While there are many things you can do with a photo, not so much with a video.

  • Don’t set your expectations too high

Be realistic when it comes to fitting. Just because the model looks great in it doesn’t mean that you will. The chances are that the model has the best possible body type for the given outfit, and is striking a perfect pose (noticed, how they never stand straight?). Fitting is always great, colors are bright and shiny from professional lighting, editing and retouching. In some cases even the piece itself may be falsified. Try to imagine a slightly simplified version of what you see, and if you still like it – go for it.

  • Don’t hope for a miracle

Your mind plays games and suggests things like “this top may look better in person” or “I will look great in this dress when I lose weight”. You won’t. Know the difference between what you see and what you want to see. This especially happens after a long search – we get tired, impatient and ready to settle. As a result, the next one that we come across seems to be the one. Don’t grab whatever just to get it over with! Trust me, your perfect blouse is just around the corner.



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