They say, you don’t get a second chance to make first impression, and this couldn’t be more true in the dating world. Clearly, the first step in making impression is your look, but how far should you take the “dress to impress” idea?

first date

First dates can be both exciting and stressful. Don’t let your outfit add an extra layer of stress – choose something comfortable, fitting and flattering. If you feel good in your clothes, you will look good.

  • Natural is your best bet

Both dating and fashion experts recommend natural and minimal look for the first date. If you give the perfect “I just threw this on” vibe, your date will feel easy and comfortable around you. On the other hand, anything flashy or super trendy will give an impression of someone high-maintenance and overly complicated. This also applies to hair and makeup.

  • Color is important

When it comes to color, everybody has different preferences. You should pick something that you often get complimented on, and that you feel good in. That being said, some research shows that women look more appealing in red. Furthermore, white color is subconsciously associated with fineness and innocence, while black is elegant and chic (not to mention slimming). Top colors to avoid on a first date are brown and orange.

LilySilk Women's BlouseAQUA One-Shoulder DressLeon Max Silk Blouse
  • Show some skin… not

Showing too much skin may be fine if you are looking for a one night stand. If not, you may send the wrong message or look like you are trying to hard. Save your sexy little black dress till the 5th date or later.

  • Mind the state of your clothes

This may seem like a no-brainer, but many guys won’t even think about washing, pressing or choosing newer clothes for a date. Certainly, hot mess can be appealing to some, but neat look is always a win-win. First date is not the time for taking chances, play it safe.

Bottom line, wear something that makes you feel like the best version of yourself. Don’t wear clothes that are hard to move in or breath in: lack of comfort will cause lack of confidence – your main asset in critical situations. Do consider your favorite jeans, they are your favorite for a reason. Oh, and note the underwear, just in case!


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