Clothing and fashion items are not among the best gifting options – they require first-hand knowledge of someone’s tastes and measurements, not to mention all the “matching rules.” If you are still considering a fashionable gift this holiday season, here are a few ideas.


1. Cozy sweater

cozy sweater

A nice sweater will find its place in anyone’s closet, and most of them come in a simple SML sizing system. Go for neutral colors unless you know the recipient’s preference, and please avoid acrylic (at the very least).

2. Hosiery

printed tights

Men’s socks is a safe and common choice – not much to say about it. Women’s options, however, are unlimited: from basic sheer tights and stockings for daily use to downright flashy. Just think of glittery or printed tights for New’s Eve party. Little girls will also like a pair of cute colorful pantyhose, and don’t hesitate to pick the most colorful ones!

3. Umbrella

fashion umbrella

Umbrella is not only a useful accessory, but can be a very fashionable one. For a man consider small pattern in darker color, rather than plain black. For a woman, as usual, there are more options including chameleon, color changing, satin, ruffled – you name it. This can also be a great idea for children, try something with cartoon or toy theme.

4. Sleepwear 

silk pajamas

Sleepwear comes in every shape from warm and cozy to posh and sexy to completely dirty. You can decide on the style depending on your relationship with the recipient, but there is one detail particularly important for all sleepwear – material. Only consider natural fabrics, such as cotton, linen and silk.

5. Accessories

silk scarf

Most accessories are very taste-dependent. Ties, scarves and wallets are among safe options, but if you’d like to be more creative, look for a bracelet, a phone case or an elegant hair clip. And speaking of scarves, the larger the better – they are much easier to style; and once again, quality is everything! Polyester screams cheap, and will probably end up in the back of the closet.

6. Gift card

This is an obvious choice, just in case you are absolutely out of ideas. My favorite ones are from Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom.

Happy gifting!


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