If Black Friday is your favorite holiday, you are not alone. And if you’ve been preparing your shopping list for the past year, you are doing it the right way.

blackfridayBlack Friday is not about pleasant shopping experience, but about scoring bests deals with as little stress as possible. Follow these simple tips if you wish to maximize your savings and minimize time investment.

      1. ALWAYS have the list

If your mind is set on browsing around and deciding on the spot, do it any other day. Black Friday requires a clear plan of what, where and in which order you are going to get. It’s not easy to remember every gift for others besides what you need for yourself with all the madness going around.

      2. Shop online

Most of the deals will be available online. You can avoid the crowds, the lines and even potential injury if you shop in your pajamas.

      3. Do your homework

Before heading to any store, check the prices of your desired items online. You don’t have to go retailer by retailer anymore, there are dozens of websites that do it for you, e.g. and And don’t forget Amazon! You may even mark every price on your shopping list to cross-check when needed. And did I mention, you need to start way in advance!

      4. Remember that not everything will be on sale

Black Friday is not the last sale ever, not even the last sale this year. Don’t obsess over one particular item – you might have a better chance around Christmas. Just get what you can, and only if the deal is good enough.

      5. Set the budget and stick to it

Besides your shopping list you need to establish the budget. And shop in the order of priority. If you still want to hit the stores, get cash and leave all your cards at home. That way you will make better decisions and avoid impulse buying – you can’t spend what you don’t have.

      6. Know the return policy

Black Friday is the most popular day for gift shopping, so make sure your gifts are exchangeable. It won’t hurt to have that option for yourself either.

      7. Recognize a fake offer

Some stores may count on your shopping fever and advertise regular prices as a great bargain. If you do your research on time, you won’t fall for this type of “deal”.

      8. Start early

Best offers will have limited availability. This is one of those times when it pays off to be an early bird.

      9. Don’t expect to score big on fashion

While Black Friday is the best time to shop for electronics and appliances, not so much for clothing and accessories; shopping experts say the biggest discounts happen in August and January. That being said, it is still reasonable to expect some retailers offering up to 40% off.
Happy shopping!

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